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SEGNI New Generations Festival 2023



“Inspiration and passion on the path to professionalism in art”

Experience of live exchange and knowledge transfer for artists, professionals, and cultural workers who, as in the magic of the multiplication of mother yeast with water and flour, from an initial cell multiply knowledge and skills, meeting at SEGNI to build and renew ALLIANCES.

“I am a musician and my body is an instrument” This phrase tells of Melvin’s transdisciplinary approach to art. Melvin Fraenk (he) is the acting artistic director and coordinator of the DOX Club. He is also a permanent choreographer and coach within the DOX projects and productions. His passion for dance and theatre started in 1996, when he worked as an actor for the first three years and founded his first dance group in 1997, which was one of the first successful dance groups in the Netherlands. Later in his career he attended the School for the Development of New Dance (choreography) with expertise in Urban Contemporary (dance). He has been in this profession for 26 years with the aim of blurring the boundaries between different disciplines to achieve a new symbiosis in which something new is created. Transcultural and transdisciplinary work is one of her core values to contribute to the development of the art of the future.

Book your participation (limited places!) by writing to indicating the appointments you are interested in.

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