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SEGNI New Generations Festival 2023


 - The Netherlands

“Big topics for small children”

Experience of live exchange and knowledge transfer for artists, professionals, and cultural workers who, as in the magic of the multiplication of mother yeast with water and flour, from an initial cell multiply knowledge and skills, meeting at SEGNI to build and renew ALLIANCES.

René Geerlings (he) shared how in his productions he often dealt with big topics for small children.

He graduated from the Mime School of the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance in 1999 and has since worked as an actor and director in children’s and adult theatre. From 2013 to 2020 he was artistic director of BonteHond. Since 2021 he has been artistic director of Maas theatre en dans in Rotterdam. His productions have received numerous national awards and his work for children also receives praise and recognition internationally. In his work, serious issues can be funny and trivial ones can be the subject of tears. What seems logical or obvious is turned upside down.

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