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SEGNI New Generations Festival 2023


 - France

“Co-operation for programming at the Avignon festival”

Experience of live exchange and knowledge transfer for artists, professionals, and cultural workers who, as in the magic of the multiplication of mother yeast with water and flour, from an initial cell multiply knowledge and skills, meeting at SEGNI to build and renew ALLIANCES.

Florian (he) has been involved since 2020 in the renovation of the Cour du Spectateur at the Avignon festival for which he is responsible for programming.

Anchored on the two legs that are popular education and the performing arts, Florian is interested in what makes culture, weaves bonds and unites, trying out new models between collectives, pooling, solidarity.

During the Masterclass, he will share the cooperative model behind the programming for young audiences of the Cour du Spectateur at the Avignon Festival.

A son of Popular Education, Florian (he) cut his teeth in various associations as a member or founder. Within the companies Le Gourbi bleu, Le Blé en herbe or Pocket Théâtre, he worked on production and distribution. In charge of the culture-education-edition sector from 2012 to 2016, he discovered the Ligue de l’Enseignement in Ardèche.

After a brief passage in the development of food short-circuits, he currently enjoys the association La Fabrik he co-founded near Lyon, where he hosts artistic projects in constant connection with a territory of forty small villages.

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