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The Contest
From 13 September to 14 October

LA VOCE DELLA BALENA. Whizzing ideas for the competition: let’s read (and write) words that transform – Episode 2

The Whale, the symbolic animal of the past edition of Segni New Generations Festival, is a big talker and takes us on a discovery tour of the Chameleon, the protagonist of Segni 2021, a champion of transformation, change and mimicry. Let us be inspired by her stories full of advice – and out loud! – to take part in the competition Colour (and tell) the symbolic animal.

In the second episode, the Whale and the Chameleon explore SEGNI’s bibliography in search of ideas to participate in the competition, thanks to books. They discover that reading generates one idea after another to be able to… write, tell, compose poems, stories and even sing. Alone, in company, with family and in class!