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The Contest
From 13 September to 14 October

LA VOCE DELLA BALENA. Whizzing ideas for the competition: how to make a podcast (and why) – Episode 1

The Whale, the symbolic animal of the past edition of Segni New Generations Festival, is a big talker and takes us on a discovery tour of the Chameleon, the protagonist of Segni 2021, a champion of transformation, change and mimicry. Let us be inspired by her stories full of advice – and out loud! – to take part in the competition Colour (and tell) the symbolic animal.

In episode one, the Whale tries to talk to the Chameleon, who, as we know, is a bit hard of hearing, and wants to win her attention: he has to learn to tell his story to the SEGNI audience as she did through podcasts… but, nothing! Little, bad: she will take care of telling all about him. Why don’t you do it too?