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Segni New Generations Festival 2021
From 31 October

ANG InRadio Mantua | Episode 9 | NYADO, a global project

A selection of the programming of ANG InRadio Mantova – #EcosistemaCulturaleEuropa – local antenna of the national network of digital radios created by the National Youth Agency – in which our young speakers interview personalities and peers to tell experiences of mobility, passions and talents, good practices and winning adventures, ranging between different areas, from the cultural to the environmental one.

Interview with Edoardo Segato Figueroa co-founder NYAD, a project that unites artists and change-makers who use their talents to create entertainment for social and environmental purposes. The project was born from the desire to have a tangible and concrete impact on the world and in particular deals with the writing of stories inspired by real projects of Social Enterprise (business tool to create solutions that have a social and environmental impact) in artistic form.

Bando 2020 ANG INRADIO #PIUDIPRIMA dell'Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani grazie ai fondi del Dipartimento per le Politiche Giovanili e Servizio Civile Universale della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri e dal Programma Erasmus + dell'Unione europea

Marinella Righetti

Edoardo Segato Figueroa