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Festival Segni New Generations 2020
dal 31 ottobre al 30 novembre

Nella pancia della Balena – Interviews to the protagonists of the Festival

Through the eyes of artists, directors, actors, photographers… of all the protagonists of SEGNI New Generations Festival, we enter “the belly of the whale”, a non-place full of stories, meanings, possibilities.

For some it is a theater, for others a journey to unknown countries, for others their home. Immerse yourself with us in the belly of this fantastic animal which, like clams, carries with it ancient and modern tales and legends – word of Vinicio Capossela!

Today we will speak with: Vinicio Capossela and Valentina Tamborra, and we host “The sea in a rhyme” by Chiara Carminati, with the illustrations of Pia Valentinis.