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Segni New Generations Festival 2021
From 27th October

Altre visioni | LITTLE FEELINGS

If you want to return to the happy moments of childhood, it is enough just to recall your recent moments of “happiness and sorrow”, and share them with those, who are not bored with their children’s world, who continue to examine the taste, smell and colour, power and weakness, love and dislike of surrounding world. Performance is based on observations and personal memories that have been given rise during the travel of adult’s soul to the
children’s world and back.

Nadezhda Alexeeva

Igor Semonov

Larisa Deduh

Marina Vihrova, Anastasia Alexeeva

Unione Teatrale della Federazione Russa, programma di sostegno pubblico e statale per i teatri per bambini e ragazzi sotto l'egida del Presidente della Federazione Russa con il sostegno del Ministero della Cultura della Federazione Russa

Olga Mihaleva